Sunday, July 29, 2012

RIP Scenic 412

After Oklahoma built the Cherokee Turnpike in the 1990's it was quickly co-signed as US 412. Old 412 (formerly OK 33) from near Kansas, OK to just east of Chouteau was renamed Scenic US 412 and sported brown and white signs. Most maps, though, labeled it as Alternate 412
Acting on a tip on the AARoads Forum I drove to Oklahoma yesterday to investigate the possibility that Scenic 412 had been decommissioned in favor of Alternate 412.

In a word, yes. All the Scenic 412 signs have been removed and replaced with Alternate 412. Or, more precisely, 412 ALT.
Exit signs, however. refer to it as Alternate 412
OK, so I'm being a little nit-picky over its official designation. Call it 412 Alt or Alternate 412, it's still the same road. ;)

In related news, 412 is receiving new gantry signs at the west end of the Cherokee Turnpike and at US 69. 

I wonder: since ODOT is upgrading exit signs (the Cherokee Turnpike has all new signs, as well) did they finally decide to remove the confusion between Scenic 412 and Alternate 412?

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