Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waste of Money

Fort Smith seems totally enamored by Flashing Yellow Arrow signals. This past Summer, they converted more of the traditional left signals (Red-Yellow-Green-Yellow Arrow-Green Arrow) to flashing yellow arrow. How much money is this costing? 

At several intersections, the city didn't simply erect new signal heads, but replaced existing signals and signal posts. Now that is definitely a waste of money. They can't simply replace the signal heads, but have to put in fancy decorative signal poles?

One intersection, US 271 at Business 71, received new signal poles and new signals, but NO flashing yellow arrow.  So what's up with this? 

The economy is in the crapper, but the city still spends lots of money on new signals. I'd like to know where this money came from and why it's not spent on fixing streets?

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