Thursday, May 16, 2013

Been Too Long!

It's been too long and I've been way too busy to post.

Catching up:
I-540 work continues in Ft Smith. One bridge over Grand Ave is down and being replaced as well as at AR 22./Rogers Ave. Several other bridges are down, including one over AR 162 and one over 540 at US 64 in Van Buren. It's a big mess, but I'm impressed by how fast the work is progressing.
One complaint, though: the resurfacing is being done in asphalt, not concrete. Asphalt is cheaper, but concrete lasts longer. Five years from now AHTD will beg for more money to resurface 540 again.

Lots of work on I-40, as well: almost the entire highway is being resurfaced, including around Russellville which was ignored 13 years ago when the last highway bond issue was passed.

At Texarkana, AR 549 has finally opened from AR 245 to US 71 north of town. I attended the ribbon cutting back on April 30. It was going to be another week before the road actually opened, but then, inclement weather pushed it back another week. I took a few photos and posted them on Flickr. 

I've not seen much progress on other sections of I-49: a bit of work around Fort Smith, but that's about all. 

Oh, and I found this cool antique shop near Sarcoxie, Missouri.  They have lots of old signs out front. I grabbed a couple Missouri highway markers:
These both say MHTD (instead of MODOT)  so they date back to between 1980 and 1996, probably closer to 1980's since they are 3 digit squares. The 125 is likely older since it's a steel sign, as opposed to 171 which is aluminum. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with them.

Last week, I stopped again (bad idea) and found another sign:
This is a 36 inch STOP sign with reflector buttons...a rare find. These were common along Missouri expressways in the 1960's. I've wanted one for a long time, but I probably paid more than I should have for it. I actually bought it for someone else, but then they weaseled out of the deal after I bought it, so I may post it to e-bay... I'll see how my fiances are the next few weeks.

Yes, I'm going to get in big trouble if I keep stopping there. I mainly just went to look around and never really expected to find anything (yeah right).

So am I all caught up now? Probably not. But it's good for now.