Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Foul Fowl

I drove by my local Popeye's Chicken today and saw a sign for Chicken Waffle Tenders. Well, I got curious, so I went in to try them.

For some reason, I was expecting waffle-shaped chicken tenders, but they were the usual size tenders covered in a dark brown breading. The flavor was wretched, like cheap maple syrup mixed in the breading. They came with a Honey Maple dipping sauce that tasted like cheap, imitation maple syrup. I was, to say the least, rather underwhelmed. I tried the dipping sauce on my fries and decide to eat them plain. I should have paid an extra 25 cents for some cajun-style mustard.

Then, to add insult to injury, they ran out of chicken strips, but promised to bring out the remainder of my order when it was ready. I waited and waited...and waited some more. I finally went to the counter to ask about the rest of my order and was asked: "How about an apple pie to go with that?"
No, just the rest of my order for now. 
"How about a piece of cheesecake?"
Give me the rest of my order and I'll think about it.

Finally, I got the rest of my order. I finished it quickly and left before they could again try to bully me into ordering dessert.

I've never had that happen before: trying to bully me into ordering more. They must be trying to reach a certain sales quota. 

I think I'll stay away for a while...I don't need that kind of hassle. :(