Thursday, September 26, 2013

Expanding my Collection

I reaaly need to quit doing this, but I got a good deal on it. I've been playing e-bay again and found a sign I didn't think I could live without: 

I won't say what I paid, except I good deal on it and paid a lot less that they were originally asking for it.

It will join the wall of honor with my State 68 Road shield and Missouri 11 shield. 

Of course, now I need to clear out a couple signs to make room:

I have a 24x24 square MHTD MO 171 that could use a good home.  I'm guessing this dates to around 1980.

I also have this 24x24 US 66. Never posted to my knowledge, but has a few minor scuffs from the previous owner.

I also have lots of maps to get rid of. Now if I could find the time to get them all sorted. :(

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