Thursday, September 26, 2013

So Tired, Tired of Waiting

When the upgrade of US 71 to I-49 was first announced in Missouri, plans were made to finish the incomplete roadway from Pineville to the Arkansas State Line, eventually meeting up with Arkansas' section. Unfortunately, AHTD didn't have the money to finish their section, so MODOT reapportioned their money to upgrading and improving existing US 71 south of Kansas City.

With the passing of the recent highway bond issue election in Arkansas, AHTD now has the money to complete their section of I-49 from Bella Vista to the Missouri State Line...but WAIT!  Missouri now says they don't have the money to complete I-49, so Arkansas has decided to wait on finishing their section.

So Arkansas is waiting on Missouri, who was waiting on Arkansas, who is now waiting for Missouri.

Sounds like BS games to me.

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