Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Only Money

About twice a week, I've been driving I-540 between Van Buren and Fort Smith to monitor progress on the rsconstruction. Things are finally starting to fall into place. Most of the work on the road itself is finished leaving cable barriers and Jersey barriers to set-up, plus finishing the signs.

Yesterday I noticed a change in the I-540 shields: they are all "neutered"...no state name. I noticed a few weeks ago that were 2 styles of signs: some named, some neutered. The neutered signs had a taller, thinner font than the named signs. I talked about that here. At the time, AHTD said the signs would need to be changed, and true to their word, they did.

Now, AHTD is always complaining about never having enough money to keep the roads repaired, then they go out and spend money they (supposedly) don't have to replace perfectly good signs. If each sign costs $100 (not counting the labor to install them), AHTD has easily wasted $1500-$2000.
Then again, considering they took economic relief money to repave perfectly good roads and build state roads to nowhere, then needed a bond issue to fix the bad roads, I guess it's no big surprise.

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