Sunday, April 20, 2014

Six More Weeks?

AHTD says the reconstruction on I-540 should wrap up in 4-6 weeks if the weather stays good. If it doesn't stay good? I'd give it 8-10 weeks.
As construction wraps up, I admit I am disappointed that the concrete pavement has been replaced with asphalt. That means in 5-6 years, AHTD will be resurfacing 540 again (unless they simply let it rot, like they have US 71 north of Alma).
The Arkansas River Bridge was supposed to be replaced since it's over 40 years old and obsolete, but AHTD decided to save the money. Let's hope it has another 40+ years of life in it, since I don't see them spending any money on it at any time in the future, given all their pet projects.

AHTD has changed their minds on the exit numbering and will keep the original numbering sequence. Exit 1 A-B will remains I-40, 2A-B stays US 64, etc. The original proposal was to have all the exits going in the same direction to match I-540 between Alma and Bentonville. But now that 540 is being changed to I-49 heading north from Alma, there's no real need to change the numbering. Now will you start putting the exit numbers on the signs?

Now they should concentrate on 540 between Rogers Ave and the Oklahoma State Line....not they will. Maybe when the build the future connector to I-49?.

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