Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Inspector

I seem to have become an unofficial sign inspector for AHTD. As part of the I-540 rebuild project between Van Buren and Fort Smith, all the exit signs are being replaced. That's not a bad idea, considering most of them are probably close to 30 years old.  Of course, there was that confusion over the exit numbers which may be why I've become their "inspector"

The first signs I noticed were the different style I-540 shields, which I discussed a while back. Then I started noticing the exit numbers were wrong. First it was subtle like transposing Exit A with Exit B.  No big deal, but I asked AHTD and they responded OOPS! and fixed the problem right away.

Then I started noticing other signs, like this one for the Huckabee Nature Center, which said Exit 4 instead of Exit 11. No worries! AHTD fixed it within 24 hours of my contacting them.

Then I noticed more signs: AR 22 was marked as Exit 7 instead of Exit 8, US 271 was posted as Exit 1 instead of Exit 14 and the State Police Station was posted as Exit 10 instead of Exit 5

What happened? My guess is the sign contractor didn't get the message that the exit numbers weren't going to change so he got all the numbers wrong. But again, AHTD got it fixed very quickly.

OK, AHTD: I haven't been charging you for this, but I really think some small token of appreciation is in order. Maybe you can save me an I-540 or US 71 sign from the I-49 changeover? Barring that, how about an AHTD hat? 

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