Wednesday, April 23, 2014

They're Heeeere

After a one-day delay due to rainy weather, the new I-49 signs began to appear yesterday. I caught up with the sign truck yesterday just south of Lowell. All the I-540 shields were being replaced southbound, beginning at 71B on the north end of Bentonville. A couple quick photos and I was on my way to Hiwasse (Gravette) and AR 549 (more on that later). 

I came back through the Lowell area around 6pm and saw no I-49 shields south of Wagon Wheel Road, but out of the corner of my eye, spied one for northbound traffic. So I got off the freeway, headed back north and noticed the 540 shields were now I-49 going north as well.

So it appears that the changeover is being done in sections, rather than all the way down one side, then up the other. As of 7pm last evening, all the 540 shields north of Wagon Wheel Rd had been replaced, but only along the main road. None of the intersecting roads have had any signs changed out. But this job may take a month to complete, so those may be done later.If it was just the mainline, I'm sure they could finish in 3-4 days, but the side roads will be a pain in the @ss, I'm sure with 10 or more per junction.  I'll have to check back in a month and see how many they missed ;)

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