Thursday, May 08, 2014

Half Price Phone

So after about 10 days of cruising around e-bay. I got me a replacement phone, exact same model for $75 including shipping.  I also got a combination USB/Wall charger and a "Power Skin", basically a rubber case with a charging port. I'm not impressed with the Power Skin so will probably include it in the auction when I sell my old phone.  
My phone has never been quite the same since the water damage and the cracked screen seems to be causing problems, too. So I'll just box it up and sell it on e-bay. If I get $50, that will make my new phone $25 ;)

Of course, e-bay is slow right now. I've got a few maps and a couple signs that are simply sitting. so maybe the phone won't move, either :(

All that's left is have ATT switch service to my new phone. I may do that next week. 


Brian Rawson-Ketchum said...

If you have AT&T service, all you have to do is move your SIM to the newer phone. (By saying "exact same model," I presume it wouldn't be locked to another carrier.)

US 71 said...

Great! I will do that then.