Thursday, October 02, 2014


Just got back Monday from another weekend on the road. I needed to clear my head so went on a bridge hunt. I wound up way over by Marked Tree looking for bridges, while photographing other subjects as well (old gas stations, the omnipresent signing error, interesting old structures, etc).

The biggest "surprise" of the whole trip came just a few miles from home: AHTD was patching the ramp from WB I-40 to SB I-540 at Van Buren. They just finished the reconstruction project  back in June and they're already fixing problems? The again, there was a report on the news about a construction error on I-49 (the former I-540) near Lowell: it seems the contractor made a mistake building the  wall separating the NB and SB lanes and has to go back and redo it. 

Something isn't right here. At least the contractor is fixing the wall on I-49, but why does I-540 need to be repaired so soon? Did the contractor use sub-standard materials? They should be forced to fix the problem instead of AHTD having to do the work.