Friday, November 06, 2015

Not a Buffet

A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves.[1] Buffets are offered at various places including hotels,restaurants and many social events. Buffet restaurants typically offer all-you-can-eat food for a set price. (Wikipedia)

Turns out, this is not always true. I recently spent a couple days on the road recently searching for old bridges along the Bastrop-Monroe-Minden corridor of Louisiana. The end of the day saw me at Minden, so I started looking for a motel, but there wasn't a lot of selection: 2 branded hotels at $89+, and two "independent" motels.

I wound up at the Exacta Inn for $69. The only other option was $35 at what appeared to be a dump. The Exacta was OK, but not spectacular. It was clean, it was quiet, but the bed and pillows were hard as a rock. The wi-fi worked well and there was plenty of hot water in the shower.

I was told when I checked in there was a breakfast buffet that was included with my room. Well, this was no buffet.  I was served scrambled eggs, my choice of toast or biscuits,  bacon or sausage, and coffee or juice. That was it! No second helpings, no "all you can eat", just one plate of food and not much of it. But it was "free" (ie built into the price of the room).  I was, needless to say, very disappointed. THEN they wanted me to leave a tip. For what? Not having the food dumped in my lap? 

Overall, I wasn't impressed. $69 for an overrated "truck driver motel"  that would probably cost $50 elsewhere...but they had a breakfast buffet (/sarcasm) . Next time I find myself in Minden (if ever), I'll either splurge for the $89 Best Western, or keep driving...most likely keep driving.