Monday, January 18, 2016


I feel you made an error when you rebuilt I-540 around Fort Smith last year: you should have built a complete lane Northbound from AR 255/Zero St to AR 45/Old Greenwood Rd.  It makes no sense to have an on-ramp that ends, then begins again  a few hundred feet later as an off-ramp.  You should have extended the on-ramp and turned into an Exit Only off-ramp. 

The same thing applies to Southbound 540: the on-ramp from Old Greenwood Rd should have been extended as far as Zero St and made into an Exit Only ramp.

Yes, I know you built 540 in the mid-1960's to lower standards and never anticipated its current capacity, but if you're going to rebuild the road, why not make some improvements, too?

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