Saturday, January 16, 2016

No Way Out?

Wal-Mart just built a new Neighborhood Market near me in Fort Smith (right before they announced they were closing other stores, but that's another story).  The two main entrances are off US 71 with a truck entrance waaay around the back on a side street and a side entrance.

However,  the two main entrances off 71, only let you exit to the south since it's a divided highway. To go back north towards town, you have to either use the truck entrance in back, the side entrance which dumps you on a side street with a long red light, or cut through the bank parking lot posted No Thru Traffic, which again dumps you to the side street and the long red light The side street also leads to a small residential area, some offices, and the Pic-n-Tote. So a good chance you'll be sitting waiting for traffic to clear for at least a couple signal changes.

Did nobody think of this or was the land so cheap no one cared? To be honest, the Supercenter (or Stupor Center as I call it) is just as close to me going the other way, plus Harp's and CV's nearby, so there is little need to go down there, except maybe for gas, but why drive an extra mile just to save a penny a gallon? Spend 5 cents to save 15-20 cents? 

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