Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On Jefferson's Trail

Something I hope to accomplish eventually is retracing the old Jefferson Highway from New Orleans to Canada. It's had at least three different alignments over the years, including along parts of US 71. One section in Missouri roughly follows MO 59 south of Anderson (original US 71). 
I've been somewhat remiss in my research as of late, but I'm hoping to do more in the Spring as time, weather, and finances permit.

I was doing some on-line mapping with Google earlier and  found yet another old section north of Noel.
I'm going to have to get some old topographic maps for this: did JH connect to Road 5695 or does it disappear into the rugged terrain? Given the area, the road was likely realigned at some point but whether this happened after 1926 when Jefferson Highway became US 71, I'll have to go look. Given that maps from that era aren't as detailed as they are now, it could be tricky. 

If nothing else, it's another excuse to go exploring.

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