Monday, February 22, 2016


The last dirt highway in Arkansas has been ruined! AHTD has decided to pave AR 220 between Lee Creek and Devils Den State Park. Devils Den has always been secluded and can be a little tricky to get to at times (winding, steep roadways with limited shoulders).

Well AHTD has decided 220 would make a nifty south entrance to the park, if it were only paved. So, construction has been underway for 6-8 months to widen the road to two lanes and pave it. 
Sadly, the scenic beauty of this roadway is being ruined: trees bulldozed, hillsides carved up to level the terrain, even an old rock culvert that's being replaced by a new bridge.

I've been out there twice in the last few months and it, quite simply depresses me. 220 has never been a road for the timid: barely a lane and a half wide, it's lumpy and bouncy with "OMG I'm gonna die" curves, but one heck a view of the valley in places. It's a slow drive, but sometimes you could catch a deer crossing the road.

But all that will soon be gone in the name of "progress". 

One small bright spot, however, is this cool knife I found in the middle of the road:

It's based on a Kukri , which is an Indian machete. Given how scratched up it looks, it had likely been sitting in the road for quite a while, lost by someone and buried under years of dirt and gravel, only to be uncovered during road construction.
I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but will probably have it sharpened and kept by my bed (provided I don't cut myself with it ;) )

I'll miss the old you, 220, but thank's for the souvenir. 

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