Thursday, March 10, 2016

And It's Official!

I-555  is now official (or will be in less then 24 hours). I received a Tweet (yeah I'm on Twitter now) that the dedication ceremony for 555 (formerly US 63) will be Friday from 11-1 in Jonesboro. Great! Let's go...or not.
Sadly, the weather is looking dicey: lots of rain, lots of potential flooding (Southeast Arkansas and Northern Louisiana are already having problems) so it's probably better if I stay home.
On the plus side, I don't have to hear all the politicians talking about how great they are. On the minus side, I'll miss some cool photo opportunities &/or goodie bags.

If i'd had more than 24 hours notice, I could likely have worked something out, but the timing is just too close. No real time to plan.

Maybe next week I can go get some photos. There are also several bridges I want to look for, so I'll take my lumps for now and try again when the weather is better.

If, by chance, someone makes it up there, save me a goodie bag? ;-) 

Looking at the photos from the dedication, it appears it was a private luncheon/dedication: lots of police officers, local and area talking heads politicians, etc. So being a part-time blogger probably wouldn't have got me in the door. I did make it up there about a week later. I'll post on that later.