Friday, April 08, 2016

I Have Sinned

An error that has stood for over 10 years may be going away soon;
Oklahoma Highway 20 shares a roadway with Arkansas Highway 43 from just north of Maysville, Arkansas to SouthWest City, Missouri where it becomes Missouri Highway 43.

For whatever reason, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is responsible for signing the road. North AR 43/East OK 20 is posted as East 20/North MO 43, while the opposite direction is West OK 20/ South AR 43.  I can sort of see the logic behind that, though it seems silly.

To make matters more confusing, the signage where 43 meets 20 at the OK/AR State Line shows AR 43 heading north along East 20, but MO 43 heading south.  In otherwords, the 43 shields have been reversed. I never gave it much thought in the past and figured ODOT would eventually correct things. 

On a recent trip along Hwy 43, I checked the sign assembly and noticed it hadn't changed. Ten years and the error remains, so I finally decided to contact ODOT who said they will have a sign maintenance crew check it out, 

So I have, very likely, commiteed a sin against the road enthusiast community by bringing this error to ODOT's attention. I'm sure the average motorist has probably never noticed and now I've ruined everything.


ODOT has changed this assembly to show OK 20 only. No more AR 43 or MO 43, just OK 20.  Of course, heading north on AR 43, there is still no sign showing which way to go.