Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Thanks for Nothing

Seems like all the convenience stores are getting into the "rewards" .  Road Runner, I can get points for purchases plus extra discounts  on certain days. Kum n Go is mostly the same, though I usually just pop in for a soft drink once or twice a week until I have enough points for a discount on gas (they're in a corner of town I don't frequent).

I have signed up twice for Pilot/Flying J rewards only to be told my card number isn't valid. I complained the corporate who insists my account is active (so doesn't my rewards card work?). So I pretty much avoid them when I can.

Now Casey's General Store has customer rewards, but they seem to have taken a page out Pilot's play book. I signed up. but every time I try to use my rewards account I'm told  that it's not active. So I go to the Casey's website to register again, but I'm told I'm already registered.  So I'm registered, but not allowed to earn any awards?  I've contacted the company and they say they will investigate.

For that matter, Murphy USA acknowledges my account, but never gives me a discount (though they say I'm supposed to).

So thanks for nothing, guys. You want my "loyalty" then give me nothing for it.

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