Thursday, March 05, 2020

The Mystery of AR 47

Years ago, I remember a short highway between US 62 at Gateway, AR and the Missouri State Line called Arkansas Highway 47. It only ran about a half a mile before crossing into Missouri and becoming Missouri 37. Later, Arkansas 47 would be changed to Arkansas 37, but where did 47 come from originally?

I've been going through my old Arkansas maps looking for clues and finally found some history. 

47 originally began at US 71/AR 12 in Rogers, Arkansas (the intersection of 8th St and Walnut). From there, 47 followed Walnut to 2nd Street, north on 2nd  to the modern day AR 94 junction, then northeast through Garfield to Gateway where it turned north towards Missouri, eventually becoming Missouri 37.

47 would be truncated back to Gateway around 1930 when US 62 was created. 

So AR 47 was actually one of the original 1926 highways in Arkansas, but after 62 was created around 1930, only the sort stub from Gateway to Missouri remained.

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