Friday, April 03, 2020


For the last 6 months or so I've been trying to stick to a Keto diet: reduced carbs, no bread or pasta, etc. I found some Keto friendly pasta at the health food store which I'm still experimenting with. I can even find Keto pizza crusts.

Jim's Razorback Pizza , a local eatery, offers a Keto-friendly crust which I've had a few times and found it decent and I found out recently that Domino's Pizza does Keto friendly, too, So last night, I ordered a pepperoni & sausage pizza on the Keto-friendly crust.  SURPRISE! A small Keto-friendly pizza with one topping is $13 (well, $12.99) + tax., whereas a "normal" small pizza is $11 (or $10.99). OK, only $2 difference. But imagine my surprise when the crust was singed around the edges and the pizza itself was not only dried up, but wasn't even sliced. Considering they use a conveyor belt set-up, either the oven was too hot or (more likely) the Keto crust doesn't take as long to cook (most of those being pre-prepared crusts).

Yeah, I could have taken it back (and probably should have), but decided it was too much hassle. I'll just skip Domino's next time I want a Keto-type pizza. 

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