Friday, June 26, 2020

New Addition

A new addition to my collection: Arkansas Highway 540.  540 was the predecessor to Interstate 540 between Fort Smith and Van Buren. According to my maps, it started as AR 540 but became I-540 when construction was finished in the early 1970's. So it was more of a temporary designation, not unlike AR 549 will eventually be Interstate 49.

This is 1960's -era design with 3 numbers squeezed onto a 2-digit shield (3-digit shields didn't come into existence until the mid 1970's. About the only way to find one of these is to find a collector or check the scrapyards, but I got lucky: I found an e-bay seller selling replica highway signs, so I asked if he could do 540 on a square. "Sure, no problem", so off I went.

I received in the mail today, earlier than expected. Now I need a place to hang it.

I'm debating if I want to order another sign or just go with what I have right now. I'm leaning towards not ordering anything else for now. Maybe I'll get a good find on e-bay or maybe I'll just wait a while. I still have a mess of maps to sell if I could just get motivated. .

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