Tuesday, April 14, 2020


I wish things had turned out better with my sister, but she always wanted to be in charge. She was "too busy" to help with mom in the hospital, but wanted to be first in line for a handout. She wouldn't let me sign any papers on mom's behalf until she looked at them first, but let ME sign them. All the power, none of the responsibility.

Then she tried to cheat me out of part of my inheritance. When I called her out, she got mad at me.She always had to be in charge without having to answer for it.I guess from here on out, I'm an only child. Mom put her estate in a trust, but now that the trust is ending, I'm not sure I want anything to do with my sister anymore. She's self-centered, greedy and conniving. It would have been nice to have a brother or sister to relate to, but I guess I never will.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Here We Go Again

Looks like AR 220 has washed out AGAIN south of Devil's Den State Park. 

This is the second time since it was paved and at least the third time since ARDOT started working on the road that it has washed out. 

Is the terrain that bad, or did the contractor do it on the cheap? 

AR 383: Lost to History

Back in the 1960's (maybe even before) there was a short mile and a half highway in Springdale posted as Highway 383. It never really went anywhere, but ran between Highway 68 (now US 412) and Emma St. 

But it DID run next to Parson's Arena, home of the Rodeo of the Ozarks, so perhaps it was a state maintained access road from Hwy 68 to the rodeo arena. 

383 was replaced in the 1980's by an extended AR 265 coming out of Fayetteville. To the best of my knowledge, this number has never been reassigned, but it lives on in old maps of that era.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

I Should Have Known

Disappointment rides again. I tried to order from a regional chain Eureka Pizza and probably shouldn't have. They have Keto crust available for twice as much as a regular pizza ! Screw that. So I settled for a regular "new and improved" pepperoni pizza.
For new and improved, it tasted like it always has,,, the crust is as limp and rubbery as usual. The sauce tasted the same as well. And I got the same indigestion as always.
Mind you, it's been 6 months or more since I order from them since I always found them really cheap, quality-wise. But "new and improved" was hard to pass up, even thought it didn't taste "new" or "improved" to me.
If you want cheap and don't care about quality, I guess they're OK. If I was dying, I'd have to think about it.
This self-isolation is driving me crazy and pushing me to eat more pizza. I need to stop.

Friday, April 03, 2020


For the last 6 months or so I've been trying to stick to a Keto diet: reduced carbs, no bread or pasta, etc. I found some Keto friendly pasta at the health food store which I'm still experimenting with. I can even find Keto pizza crusts.

Jim's Razorback Pizza , a local eatery, offers a Keto-friendly crust which I've had a few times and found it decent and I found out recently that Domino's Pizza does Keto friendly, too, So last night, I ordered a pepperoni & sausage pizza on the Keto-friendly crust.  SURPRISE! A small Keto-friendly pizza with one topping is $13 (well, $12.99) + tax., whereas a "normal" small pizza is $11 (or $10.99). OK, only $2 difference. But imagine my surprise when the crust was singed around the edges and the pizza itself was not only dried up, but wasn't even sliced. Considering they use a conveyor belt set-up, either the oven was too hot or (more likely) the Keto crust doesn't take as long to cook (most of those being pre-prepared crusts).

Yeah, I could have taken it back (and probably should have), but decided it was too much hassle. I'll just skip Domino's next time I want a Keto-type pizza. 

Thursday, March 05, 2020

The Mystery of AR 47

I remember from years ago, a short highway between US 62 at Gateway, AR and the Missouri State Line called Arkansas Highway 47. It only ran about a half a mile before crossing into Missouri and becoming Missouri 37. Later, Arkansas 47 would be changed to Arkansas 37, but where did 47 come from originally? That was a mystery to me for a long time.

I've been going through my old Arkansas maps looking for clues and finally found some history. 

47 originally began at US 71/AR 12 in Rogers, Arkansas (the intersection of 8th St and Walnut). From there, 47 followed Walnut to 2nd Street, north on 2nd  to the modern day AR 94 junction, then northeast through Garfield to Gateway where it turned north towards Missouri, eventually becoming Missouri 37.

47 would be truncated back to Gateway around 1930 when US 62 was created. 

So AR 47 was actually one of the original 1926 highways in Arkansas, but after 62 was created around 1930, only the sort stub from Gateway to Missouri remained.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Thanks for Nothing

Seems like all the convenience stores are getting into the "rewards" .  Road Runner, I can get points for purchases plus extra discounts  on certain days. Kum n Go is mostly the same, though I usually just pop in for a soft drink once or twice a week until I have enough points for a discount on gas (they're in a corner of town I don't frequent).

I have signed up twice for Pilot/Flying J rewards only to be told my card number isn't valid. I complained the corporate who insists my account is active (so doesn't my rewards card work?). So I pretty much avoid them when I can.

Now Casey's General Store has customer rewards, but they seem to have taken a page out Pilot's play book. I signed up. but every time I try to use my rewards account I'm told  that it's not active. So I go to the Casey's website to register again, but I'm told I'm already registered.  So I'm registered, but not allowed to earn any awards?  I've contacted the company and they say they will investigate.

For that matter, Murphy USA acknowledges my account, but never gives me a discount (though they say I'm supposed to).

So thanks for nothing, guys. You want my "loyalty" then give me nothing for it.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Ol' Order Changeth

Happy New Year! 

Yeah, I've not posted in a while (too busy, too distracted)

But here we are in 2020. It once seemed so far into the future, but here we are.

So with the new year comes new highway news: ARDOT is giving up part of Business 71/ 71B in Bentonville. 

Currently if runs from I-49 at the Rogers City Limits (where is continues east) to I-49 between Bentonville and Bella Vista. 

However: the section north of AR 12 (at Rainbow Curve) to I-49 is being removed from the highway system and turned over to the city. My guess is the City of Bentonville is wanting to make some "improvements" or changes to the roadway. My guess is they want to turn the center turn lane into landscaping (at least in part), or else large billboards advertising themselves as the home of Walmart. 

Timetable for this seems to be "now" or as soon as possible. I was up there over the weekend, and nothing has changed yet. 

Of course, this will leave AR 12 with an hanging end, as well as AR 72 unless they plan to truncate them since not many highways end at a random spot.

ARDOT is also planning changes for Fayetteville and Fort Smith, which I'll get into later.